The story

The story

Who Are We?

THE WORLD’S GREATEST ICE CREAM COMPANY, INC., known as “THE FRIEZE ICE CREAM FACTORY” opened in South Beach on July 4, 1987 with one goal:


Over three decades later, we are still maintaining that standard. Despite rising costs and increased competition, The Frieze continues its commitment to quality.

Our Ice Cream is made with Super Premium, 16% butterfat cream. We never use artificial colors, preservatives or additives.

Our Sorbets have a natural base and we add only real fruit and other all natural ingredients along with purified water.

A Family Business:

The Warren family has owned and operated The Frieze since 1993. Since that time, our owners, Lisa and Robert worked tirelessly to achieve one primary objective for the company: maintaining product quality above all else. The Frieze and the Warren family has a new, and even more challenging goal – to spread The Frieze’s exceptional product far and wide and educate people about truly great ice cream and sorbet! Lisa and Robert are thrilled to partner with JetBlue and have our ice cream featured on flights. Ask the the flight attendant if The Frieze Ice Cream is being served.  Follow our journey on The Frieze’s blog and our social media.

What’s with the name?

The Frieze Ice Cream was started in the Art Deco District at Fifth Street and Ocean Drive. A “frieze” is an architectural detail or sculpture on the outside of many art deco buildings in South beach and all over the world. In fact, The Frieze’s logo can be seen as a “frieze” if it were featured on a building. Since we still freeze our ice cream and sorbet just a step from art deco’s historic center, what name could be better than “The Frieze”

Our Customers Love

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    April 25, 2017

    Making an Impact – Chris Bosh and The Frieze

    Check out a GREAT feature on our partnership with Chris Bosh and his foundation, Team Tomorrow. Thank you Bleacher Report! – Bleacher Report Article – – Article –

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