It all starts with

The Ambiance

You are where you eat

Frieze is part of a family of companies, owned by a pair of brothers.  We are still shaping our overall philosophy, but we will do our best to share it, as it currently stands.

Fundamentally, its based on Genesis 2:15 – (The verse when Adam was tasked with caring for Eden.)

This is part of our long-term goal of moving to a Regenerative Agriculture chain, and our support small processing/farming.

Regenerative Ag, and local processing, is THE key to restoring soils, water, improving profitability, and saving small-town America from economic collapse.

Its about simple physics – if we reduce the inputs, and the transport, we can offer a better quality product, at a given price point – some technology advances may be required, reimagining distribution is required, and not everything scales down, but there is definitely progress to be made.

As for general business principles:

We DO NOT cut corners, EVER!  We make the best products possible, given our current understanding.

Do what you say, say what you mean!

We all make money together.

More muck, more money.

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In something

You need to believe

Great Things

Come in small quantities

Great Things



Your Eyes

Are just as important

Your Eyes

We all know that the way to the soul is through the eyes not the mouth.




Is the best chef


We just need to listen



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