Flavor Explosion

Flavor Explosion From The Frieze!

Over Twenty-two years later, we are still maintaining that standard. Despite rising costs and increased competition, The Frieze remains virtually the only company in Miami, and indeed Florida, that can make that boast. Our Ice Cream is made with Super Premium, 16% butterfat cream. WE DO NOT ADD any eggs, emulsifiers or other bulking ingredients. We add no artificial colors, preservatives or additives.

Our Sorbets have a natural base and we add only real fruit and other all natural ingredients along with purified water.

Most importantly, only the finest, natural ingredients imported from around the world are used in both our Sorbets and Ice Cream. All our ice creams are kosher dairy and all our sorbets are pareve, certified by MDK (Miami Dade Kosher) through Rabbi Spitz.

While looking through our flavor list please keep in mind that we are happy to customize or create any flavor that you would like.


We are very proud of our product and invite you to stop by and enjoy a sampling at our Ice Cream Parlor and Factory at 1626 Michigan Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida. We are still in South Beach, just one-half block south of the world famous Lincoln Road Mall at Michigan Avenue. If you prefer we would be happy to bring samples to your location.

Feel free to call us at: (305) 538-0207